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How to Play -3MCHESS

What is 3MCHESS?


3MCHESS, very simply put, is the same game of Chess played on two fronts, rather than one, on a cylindrical board. In the game of 3rd Millennium Chess strategies can be developed that more closely parallel real world strategies. Players can experience the inevitable evolution of chess and a more complete game through 3MChess. Now you have to watch your back in the game of chess!


How is 3MCHESS different from traditional Chess?


The main difference is the game is cylindrical, so opponents can attack each other from two directions. In addition, each player now has two sets of pawns and two split-knights. These can move in tandem, split and move alone, then re-form and move together again.


Are the rules different from traditional Chess?


None of the rules change. In fact, it maintains the rules, structure, design and concept of chess while expanding the board and the knights with an additional set of pawns. Each piece still moves across the board at the same pace, with the same limitations. For a complete detail on 3MCHESS rules click here.


How did you come up with the idea?


While pondering over a glass of beer one afternoon in 1998, Shannon Rene Gardner had a "flash of genius".


How can I get my own 3MCHESS Set?


We are currently offering sets for purchase by REFERRAL ONLY or DURING SCHEDULED EVENTS ONLY. 




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